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1. A Study of Japanese Loanwords in Chinese - UiO - DUO

The main results are that Japanese loanwords take an important part in creating
new words and formating modern Chinese. ...... 油槽车. Youcaoche tank car. 72.
远足. Yuanzu excursion. 73. 运动. Yundong sports. 74. 运动场. Yundongchang
playground. 75. 运转手. Yunzhuanshou driver. 76. 杂志. Zazhi magazine. 77. 主食
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educational reading list). Despite the fact that the standard language was
excessively based on a bureaucratic style and lagged behind the developments
in the spoken language, an underlying desire to speak the educated or literary
standard prevailed. Russian and foreign words were used concurrently, but could
easily ...
3. The Adaptation of Japanese Loanwords into Korean*

the first generative study on the adaptation of loans from Japanese into Korean.1.
We report the results of an analysis of c. 1,300 loanwords from Japanese words
of native or Sino-Japanese origin. Most of the loans we study here were
transmitted during a period of massive borrowing that spans the late 19th century
until the ...
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4. turkish loanwords in russian language rusçadaki̇ türkçe ödünç sözler

Its original pronunciation, lost by. 1400 at the latest, was that of a very short
middle schwa-like sound, .... кукла (1,684) kukla армуд (1,25) armud изюм (1,
476) üzüm (ü>и, ю,8 m>м, z>з) арнаут (1,25) arnaut лахана (2,20) lahana
балчуг (1,50) balčyk лиман (2,42) liman барбуня (1,55) barbunya мушмула (
2,181) muşmula.
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1. Front Matter Template - The University of Texas at Austin

morphology (plural markers), and word compounding with Persian became a part
of modern Indo-Aryan ..... of tatsama and tadbhava words, Persian and Arabic
words, and English words as they are used today. I ..... which is in no way
representative of the lexical subset of English loanwords, just as with the lists of
tatsama, ...
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2. Loanwords in Kali'na, a Cariban language of French Guiana

Jul 10, 2012 ... Among the "Languages of France" in French Guiana, Guianese French Creole is the only "regional language", while the other languages (Amerindian languages, Maroon languages, and Hmong) remain minority languages.
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