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1. - 1 - ALJ/CAB/sid Agenda ID #2992 Ratesetting 12/18/2003 Item 56

Dec 18, 2003 ... right to file an appeal, on the date the matter is submitted, we will address the
motion as if it was accepted for ...... Other pre- authorized O&M costs are
insurance, property taxes, and interconnection costs. ..... 2001. Edison asserts
that its requested change in ownership of MVL from. Sequoia to Edison, a ...
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2. 00 A Survey of Dynamic Analysis and Test Generation for JavaScript

program analyses to reason about. These properties include the highly dynamic
nature of the language, a set of unusual language features, a lack of
encapsulation mechanisms, and the “no crash” philosophy. This paper surveys
dynamic program analysis and test generation techniques for JavaScript targeted
at improving ...
Tags:Analysis Dynamic Survey
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3. 1 Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology

The lectures will cover general principles in neuroanatomy and neurophysiology,
sensory and motoric systems ... and cellular neurophysiology (properties of
biological membranes, membrane potential, action potential ... System: A
Synopsis and Atlas”, Steinkopff / Springer; Mark Bear, Michael Paradiso,. Barry W
. Connors: ...
Tags:Neuroanatomy Neurophysiology
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4. 1 Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology

The lectures will cover general principles in neuroanatomy and neurophysiology,
sensory and motoric systems ... and cellular neurophysiology (properties of
biological membranes, membrane potential, action potential ... System: A
Synopsis and Atlas”, Steinkopff / Springer; Mark Bear, Michael Paradiso,. Barry W
. Connors: ...
Tags:Neuroanatomy Neurophysiology
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5. 1 Summary of chapters 12, 13 and 14 of Capital -

Summary of chapters 12, 13 and 14 of Capital, Volume 1. Introduction. These
chapters of Capital give us further insights into Marx's methodology and his grasp
of emergence, whilst still retaining his particular materialist underpinning. Marx
investigates the emergent properties of particular organisations of labour and ...
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6. 14. lipids iii – properties of fats and oils

Fats-Facts and Fantasies. LipidsIII. Properties of Fats and. Oils. 14.
C H A P T E R. The surface of a soap bubble is a bilayer formed by detergent
molecules. The polar heads (red) pack together leaving the hydrophobic groups (
green) in contact with air on the inside and outside of the bubble. Other bilayer
structures define ...
Tags:iii lipids 14.
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7. 2.3 Carbon-Based Molecules

Carbon atoms have unique bonding properties. • Carbon forms covalent bonds
with up to four other atoms, including other carbon atoms. • Carbon-based
molecules have three general types of structures. – straight chain. – branched
chain. – ring ...
Tags:Carbon 2.3 Molecules
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8. 3D Bioprinting Technologies for Hard Tissue and Organ - MDPI

Sep 27, 2016 ... successes. Each of the technologies has pros and cons in hard tissue and organ
engineering. In this review, we summarize the advantages and disadvantages of
the historical available innovative 3D ... Keywords: hard tissues and organs;
mechanical properties; composite materials; bones; teeth; cartilage.
Tags:Hard Technologies Bioprinting
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9. A Case Study in the ROI of Online Virtual Tours -

A Case Study in the ROI of Online Virtual Tours. By Joseph L. Ortiz, VP - General
Manager, IPIX Immersive Still ... Virtual tours, which can provide stunning full-
360º color photography of properties, allows business and ... Radisson Adelaide,
Australia = Average 1,400 views per month. • 4% conversion rate = bookings
Tags:ROI Online Case
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10. A computer scientist's guide to molecular biology - Springer Link

A computer scientist's guide to molecular biology. L. Kari, R. Kitto, G. Gloor.
Abstract In this paper, we explain the basic structure and properties of both single
- and double-stranded DNA in vivo (in living organisms). We also review the first
in vitro. (test tube) experiment that solved a mathematical prob- lem, The Directed
Tags:guide scientist computer
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1. "Bromine," in: Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry

other chemical properties. Bromine is only a moderately strong oxidizing agent (
Table 7). Corresponding to its position in the electro- motive series, chlorine
oxidizes bromide ion to elemental bromine. This reaction is the chemical basis for
the production of bromine (see. Chap. 4). Of the bromine fluoride compounds (
Tags:Ullmann Bromine Encyclopedia
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2. "Foreclosures, Abandoned Homes and Code Enforcement lssues

Sep 20, 2006 ... VACANT PROPERTY ISSUE: Our community has 71,000 residents and 21,000
single family homes and we are still growing. In Bolingbrook we have about 1000
vacant properties, with roughly 600 ofthem resulting from foreclosures. The rest
are a combination of empty homes for rent, sale or just ...
Tags:Homes Abandoned Foreclosures
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3. "How Chemistry and Physics Meet in the Solid State" By Roald

How Chemistry and Physics Meet in the Solid State. By Roald Hoffmann*. To
make sense of the marvelous electronic properties of the solid state, chemists
must learn the language of solid-state physics, of band structures. An attempt is
made here to demys- tify that language, drawing explicit parallels to well-known ...
Tags:Meet Physics Chemistry
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4. $ L $-space surgeries on links

Apr 23, 2015 ... Abstract. An L-space link is a link in S3 on which all large surgeries are L-spaces.
In this paper, we initiate a general study of the definitions, properties, and
examples of L-space links. In particular, we find many hyperbolic L-space links,
including some chain links and two-bridge links; from them, we obtain ...
Tags:space surgeries links
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5. 'Don't Fear the FE Exam, use FEER' – Developing - ASEE-SE Home

Various classes have been offered to freshmen, ... future. The authors propose a
review program, called FEER – FE Exam Review – that will be ... Fluid Mechanics
. •. Thermodynamics. •. Heat Transfer. The New Mechanical Engineering
Program at The Citadel. The Citadel School of Engineering has had a proud
record of ...
Tags:Exam FEER Fear
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6. 0 Exploring the determinants of Bitcoin's price - arXiv

Currently, there is no consensus on the real properties of Bitcoin. The discussion
comprises its use as a speculative or safe haven assets, while other authors
argue that the augmented attractiveness could end accomplishing money's
functions that economic theory demands. This paper explores the association
between ...
Tags:determinants Exploring Bitcoin
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7. 1 An emergence perspective on entrepreneurship: processes

This paper explores entrepreneurship from the perspective of emergence,
drawing on literature in complexity theory, social theory and entrepreneurship.
Entrepreneurship is conceptualised as the production of emergence, or emergent
properties, via a simple model of initial conditions, processes of emergence that ...
Tags:perspective emergence processes
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chemical properties of groundnut oil sample will be determined by experimenting
and testing ... Molar mass of KOH. Mm g/mol. 56. Determination of Specific
Gravity. Determine the compatibility of the groundnut oil sample in water with
Apparatus (Specific .... 8. Table10: Commercial vegetable oil (rape seed)
hydraulic fluid.
9. 1 Inner transition elements - Science discussions

Inner transition elements – the lanthanides and actinides. In the lanthanides, the
4f electronic orbitals are being filled (elements 57 to 71, 4f1 to 4f14) while the two
outer shell electronic configurations are 5d0, 6s2. Their properties are therefore
extremely similar making chemical separation of individual members very difficult
Tags:elements transition discussions
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10. 1 Physical Properties of Fluids

The study of properties of fluids is basic for the understanding of flow or static condition of fluids. The important properties are density, viscosity, surface tension, bulk modulus and vapour pressure. Viscosity causes resistance to flow. Surface tension leads to capillary effects.
Tags:Physical Properties Fluids
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