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1. 'drama' in YouTube discourse - Open Research Online - The Open

Sep 29, 2012 ... a technical, operationalised term, making it difficult to define and quantify for use
in academic research. ..... or 'tacit' (a distinction made by Harré and van
Langenhove) can be difficult to deduce (see ...... understands the two categories (
mommy and baby) in terms of the collection of. 'family' and the ...
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2. 2 Theories of Discourse as Theories of Gender: Discourse Analysis

as Theories of Gender: Discourse Analysis in. Language and Gender. Studies.
MARY BUCHOLTZ. 1 Introduction. The study of language and gender has
increasingly become the study of discourse and gender. While phonological,
lexical, and other kinds of linguistic analysis continue to be influential, the
interdisciplinary ...
Tags:Discourse Theories Analysis
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3. 28 Discourse and Gender - Blackwell Publishing

DEBORAH TANNEN. 0 Introduction. The study of discourse and gender is an
interdisciplinary endeavor shared by scholars in linguistics, anthropology,
speech communication, social psychology, education, literature, and other
disciplines. Many researchers have been concerned primarily with documenting
gender-related ...
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4. 30 Discourse and Gender - Deborah Tannen

gender thereby help constitute a speaker's gendered identity. Individuals,
moreover, will speak very differently given the stances occasionedby particular
contexts. Thus Kendall (1999, forthcoming) observed, in an ethnographic
analysis of a woman's self-recorded discourse at horne and at work, that
Tags:Gender Discourse Tannen
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5. 30 Discourse and Gender - Deborah Tannen

andpower;the fluidity of gender as a performance and the societal constraints on
gen- derperformances;and the multiple interrelations among gender, discourse,
and social meaning. In what follows we first discuss the early work that
inaugurated and established the fieldofgender and language research. We then
describe ...
Tags:Gender Discourse Tannen
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6. 30 Discourse and Gender - Deborah Tannen

monic notions of gender-appropriate language use," which represents "the
idealized language of middle-class European. American women." Since features
of "women's lan- guage" are not intrinsically linked with gender, individuals and
groups may draw on these features as resources for specific purposes. For
example ...
Tags:Gender Discourse Tannen
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7. 30 Discourse and Gender - Deborah Tannen

they are seen as weak and ineffective, but if they don't, they are seen as
unfeminine and therefore unlikeable. L~koff's w~rk launched the exploration of
gender and discourse. In keeping with. ~he.introspective method typical of her
field, theoretical linguistics, Lakoff based her insights on her own observations
and intuition.
Tags:Gender Discourse Tannen
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8. 34 Genderlect Styles

statement is the basic premise of Deborah Tannen's You Just Don't Understand,
a book that seeks to explain why ... Tannen's cross-cultural approach to gender
differences departs from much of feminist scholarship that ... discourse are best
viewed as two distinct cultural dialects rather than as inferior or superior ways of ...
Tags:Genderlect Styles
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9. 7 Discourse, Gender, and the Meaning of Work - Taylor & Francis

7 Discourse, Gender, and the Meaning of Work. Rearticulating Science,
Technology, and Engineering Careers Through. Communicative Lenses.
Lorraine G. Kisselburgh. Brenda L. Berkelaar. Patrice M. Buzzanell. Purdue
University. In this chapter, we offer communicative perspectives and challenges
related to gender ...
Tags:Meaning Gender Discourse
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10. A critical discourse analysis of gender relations in Brazil

1. Introduction. The purpose of this paper is to investigate gender relations in
Brazil by means of a critical analysis of presuppositions and commonsense
assumptions in texts. An analysis of linguistic traces and contextual cues will
attempt to show that language plays an important role in the discourse
construction of women.
Tags:analysis discourse critical
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1. "Believe in these things": magical realism's - UTC Scholar

its use of both real and mystical elements, the genre fragments the world in a
blatantly postmodern sense (Zamora and Faris 163). This is in response to
previous scholarly interpretations of magical realism as primarily, if not solely, a
postcolonial style. What has traditionally marked magical realism as postcolonial
discourse ...
Tags:realism magical Scholar
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2. 'Indian Architecture' and the Production of a Postcolonial Discourse

Menon. “Interrogating Modern Indian Architecture.”; Ritu Bhatt. “Indianizing Indian
. Architecture: A Postmodern Tradition.” Traditional dwellings and settlements
review 13, no. 1. (2001): 43-51; and K. R. Sitalakshmi. “Theoretical Constructs:
Towards a History of. Contemporary Indian Architecture.” Architecture + Design
XX, ...
Tags:Architecture Indian Production
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3. 'Shot Pakistani girl': The limitations of girls - SAGE Journals

'Shot Pakistani girl': The limitations of girls education discourses in UK
newspaper coverage of Malala Yousafzai. Rosie Walters. Abstract. This article
analyses the extensive coverage in UK newspapers of the shooting, recovery
and activism of Malala Yousafzai, the prominent campaigner for girls' rights from
the Swat Valley.
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4. 1. Full Name : Dr. Shailaja Hiremath 2. Date of Birth : 14-03-1968 3

g Technical. Pages). 1. Pataradavaru (Temple Dancers). Kannada University,
Hampi 152. 2. Stree Kathana (Woman Discourse). Bhuvana Prakashana,. Hospet
. 152. 3 Matru Pradhana Parikalpane. Matriarchial Concept. Kannda University ,
Hampi 33(Monograph). 4. Women folk literature History. Collection and studies.
Tags:Dr Shailaja 1.
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5. 3.2.08 -AM Salama-pp00-00.indd - ResearchGate

Jul 2, 2009 ... Archnet-IJAR, International Journal of Architectural Research - Volume 3 - Issue
2 - July 2009. Shaping Architectural Discourse by Architecture Students at
Queen's University Belfast. ASHRAF M. SALAMA. 132 and with other audiences.
Typically, a reviewer provides an agreement of disagreement while ...
Tags:pp00 Salama 3.2
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6. 5. The Relationship Between Style, Voice, and Grammar

5. The Relationship Between Style,. Voice, and Grammar. Contemporary
discussions of style often rely on the terminology of grammar, because it helps
explain the rhetorical effects of language, both within sentences and at broader
levels of discourse, such as para- graphs and passages. Earlier, we saw Elbow's
difficulty in ...
Tags:Relationship 5. Style
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7. 9 The Structural Conditions of Human Flourishing - Julie E. Cohen

knowledge and network neutrality. Global discourses of information-policy reform
are organized around parallel themes of access and connectivity. Each of those
themes has contributed powerful insights to our understanding of the principles
that should inform information law and policy. Human flourishing requires not
only ...
Tags:Human Conditions Structural
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8. A Comparison Analysis of Modal Auxiliary Verbs in Technical and

Keywords: modal auxiliary verbs; English for specific purposes; corpus analysis;
contrastive studies. 1. Introduction. Engineering students should be able to
identify, comprehend and accurately use those discourse elements which
characterize scientific language and differentiate it from other genres (Salager-
Meyer, 1994; ...
Tags:Modal Analysis Comparison
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9. A Critical Discourse Analysis of three US municipal wireless network

A Critical Discourse Analysis of three US municipal wireless network initiatives
for enhancing social inclusion. Andrea H. Tapia a,*. , Lynette Kvasny a,1, Julio
Angel Ortiz b,2 a College of Information Sciences and Technology, The
Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA 16802, United States b School
of ...
Tags:Analysis Discourse Critical
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10. A Discourse of Swami Vivekananda on Salvation from Mystic Death

Abstract. Swami Vivekananda had very precise opinion on death and
posthumous deeds. In his lifetime he had given lecture once on death which was
published in form of an easy in The New York Morning Advertiser. He explained
there about immortality of Atman; the soul, reincarnation, death and life after
death. He had ...
Tags:Vivekananda Swami Discourse
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