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1. "Aerodynamics". In: Encyclopedia of - Semantic Scholar

Encyclopedia of Computational Mechanics, Edited by Erwin. Stein, René ... cal
models. It was already recognized by Prandtl (1904), and Schlichting and
Gersten (1999), essentially contem- poraneous with the first successful flights of
the Wright brothers, that in ... In the case of military aircraft capable of supersonic
flight, the ...
Tags:Encyclopedia Aerodynamics Scholar
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2. "American Revolution, Christianity and" In: The Encyclopedia of

American Revolution,. Christianity and. Peter Lillback. The discovery and
colonization of America had several causes. One of the chief was religious in
nature. The journals of Christopher Columbus include concerns for the advance
of the Christian faith as well as an evident dependence upon the promises of
Scripture ...
Tags:Revolution American Encyclopedia
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3. "Building materials and techniques, Pharaonic Egypt" In: The

Ancient Egyptian architecture was mainly built of mud brick and stone. Mud bricks
were used from the earliest period to construct houses, palaces, granaries,
magazines, workshops, forts, and enclosure walls, as well as temples and tombs;
stone was the main building material of the most important temples and tombs
from ...
Tags:materials Building techniques
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4. "Disability" In: The Encyclopedia of Ancient History - Wiley Online

It is all too easy to overlook the fact that a sizable percentage of the population in
any ancient community was disabled, primarily because the Greeks and the
Romans themselves chose to ignore it, preferring to project the image of a people
who were physically unimpaired. Nei- ther society understood the concept of ...
Tags:Ancient Encyclopedia Disability
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5. "Language 'Purity' and the De-Russification of Tatar" by S - ISEEES

percent of Tatars spoke Russian (Walker 1996).4 Tatar was declared to be one of
the republic's two official languages in Tatarstan's declaration of sovereignty,
ratified on August 30, 1990, and since 1992 the predominantly ethnically Tatar
government has been introducing pro-. Tatar language policies, with de facto
goal of ...
Tags:De Purity Language
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6. "Literary Translation" to "Cultural Translation" - jstor

'literary' to 'cultural' translation. Keywords: Mori Őgai, John Gabriel Borkman ,
Yürei , Seinen , AS IF , Hyaku monogatari , Henrik Ibsen, A Doll's House , Ghosts
, Cultural Translation. Mori Ogai (1862-1922) was one of the most prominent
authors and translators in the modern literature of Japan. Not only in his
authorship but ...
Tags:Translation Literary jstor
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7. "Qualitative Research in Rhetoric and Stylistics" In - Wiley Online

and Stylistics. CHRISTINE M. TARDY. Style was considered one of the five
canons of early classical rhetoric, accompanied by invention, arrangement,
memory, and ... was somewhat distinct from literary stylistics, or the study of style
in literary texts. ... qualitative research methods used in the study of rhetoric and
Tags:Rhetoric Research Qualitative
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8. "Schmitt, Carl" in: The Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Social

pupil of Max Weber who used legal theory, constitutional theory, and the theory of
inter- national law to raise the most fundamental questions of social and political
thought, primarily by challenging the conventional assumptions of liberalism.
Although Schmitt was embraced by the Nazi regime, earned the sobriquet “The ...
Tags:Wiley Carl Schmitt
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9. "Theurgy" In: The Encyclopedia of Ancient History - Wiley Online

A term coined by late second century CE. Platonists to describe the deifying effect
of. Chaldaean rituals, the remnants of which are now preserved as the
Chaldaean Oracles. These rites were deifying in the sense that participants
entered a divine current of energy through their performance. Hence, theourgia
was divine.
Tags:Ancient Encyclopedia Theurgy
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10. "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" In - Wiley Online Library

The Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Globalization, First Edition. Edited by
George ... of Human Rights. MICHAEL A. ELLIOTT. The Universal Declaration of
Human Rights. (UDHR) is a non-binding, international legal instrument that was
drafted within the United. Nations ... human rights reflect a Western ideological
bias and ...
Tags:Human Declaration Universal
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1. "Citizens Advisor'" On!y Three . Group H;ts'A - Local History Archives

Apr 11, 2012 ... The sportswomen take tu:r;nshost-' Walter M. Cusack, Jr., Clifford essing
luncheon after the morn~ng's contests. Godin;.S. M. Keith, George J.. ...... sicians,
swift waiters in DAC's who is in Seattle, Wash., visit- Will Meet on Al"ril 1. ' smart
uniforms, groups' at ing her son-in~law and ~augh-. ,... Alpha Gamma.
Tags:Group Advisor Citizens
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2. "In the Beginning was the Deed": The Ungrounded - Springer Link

5. "In the Beginning was the Deed": The Ungrounded Grounds of. Rational
Criticism. Our age is, in especial degree, the age of criticism, and to criti- cism
everything must submit. Immanuel Kant1. To be rooted is perhaps the most
important and least recog- nized need of the human soul. Simone WeiF. In his
book A Common ...
Tags:Deed Beginning Ungrounded
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3. "Paradigms of AI Programming" in Python - Association for the

PAIP in Python. Thus the first author (Connelly) undertook a project with the
second author (Goel) to work through PAIP and convert some of its most useful
programs into Python. Our goal was both to expand the accessibility of PAIP and
provide an educational resource to AI students. Connelly worked on this project
over ...
Tags:AI Paradigms Programming
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4. "Purification, Christian" In: The Encyclopedia of Ancient History

126; Ps.-Clem. H.11.28.3). Early Christian authors describe various ritual and
narrative mechanisms developed to purge the pollution that defiles sinners.
Though there are a variety of purification devices attested – for example, foot
washing (Jn. 13:10–11), confession (1 Jn 1:9), chrism (Gos. Phil. 25), and
repentance (Herm.
Tags:Christian Purification Encyclopedia
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5. "Religion, Pharaonic Egypt" In - Wiley Online Library

Egyptian religion is the only religion that was continuously practiced from
prehistory until well into Christian times. During the three thousand plus years of
its history, it evolved in terms of the numbers of deities in its pan- theon, their
relative importance, and some of the beliefs associated with them. Although the.
Tags:Egypt Pharaonic Religion
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6. "Salem Witch Trials" in - Wiley Online Library

give certain humans the power to harm others. These people they called witches.
They believed that witches communicated with the Devil by signing the Devil's
book (a book that was signed by witches to solicit the service of Satan), thereby
bringing God's wrath onto their town. In Salem. Village, all misfortunes were
blamed ...
Tags:Trials Witch Salem
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7. ''I'll Never Have a Clown in My House''— Why Movie Horror Lives On

Fear of what? I cannot say—& even at the time, I was never able to formulate my
terror. It was like some dark undefinable menace, forever dogging my steps,
lurking, ..... Jaws. Jaws (directed by Steven Spielberg, 1975) tells the story of a
man-eating great white shark that terrorizes a seaside community. The film is
Tags:House Clown Movie
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8. '3' Mobile Provider

Who was the advertiser? “3” sells services on the 3G mobile phone and mobile
broadband network. Innovation is paramount for the company and it has
operated successfully in the Danish market since 2003. “3” has approximately
750 employees, and sees its business culture as young, informal and unique.
Nielsen is the ...
Tags:Mobile Provider
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9. 'Co-Prosperity' or - LSE Theses Online

interesting example for the analysis of the real motives and intentions behind
Japanese policy as well as for studying its ...... motives and goals. In the second
chapter, the emergence of the concept of the Greater East Asia. Co-Prosperity
Sphere and the development of Japan's policy of a southern expansion are
Tags:LSE Prosperity Online
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10. 'Fiery Fred': Fred Trueman and cricket celebrity in the 1950s - Taylor

'Fiery Fred': Fred Trueman and cricket celebrity in the 1950s and early 1960s.
Jack Williams*. Department of History, Liverpool John Moores University,
Liverpool, UK. Fred Trueman was a hero and anti-hero of English cricket in the
1950s and 1960s. His celebrity reflected his great ability as a fast bowler and flair
for self ...
Tags:Trueman Fred Fiery
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