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1. A review of drugs that induce or exacerbate psoriasis

Lithium is reported to cause cutaneous side effects in up to 45% of patients; ...
than chloroquine for patients with psoriatic arthritis, although both have ... The
NSAIDs, which are among the most widely used medications in the world, have
many known adverse effects. NSAIDs have been reported to exacerbate
psoriasis and ...
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2. Dermatologic Manifestations in HIV Disease

In most cases, treatment modality of skin diseases in HIV-positive patients is
similar to that in. HIV-negative ones. However, prolonged high-dose systemic
steroid should be used with caution because of the immunosuppressive effects.
Although phototherapy can alleviate pruritus or improve psoriasis in HIV-infected
patients ...
Tags:Manifestations Dermatologic Disease
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3. Dermatologic Manifestations of HIV Infection - IAS-USA

include severe psoriasis (usually affect- ing more ... Persons with background pig
- ment of the skin (ie, people of color) are more photosensitive than persons
without background pigment in the skin. HIV infection itself is photosen- sitizing,
and ... sentation on dermatologic manifestations of HIV disease by Toby A.
Maurer ...
Tags:HIV Manifestations Dermatologic
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4. Research Article - International Research Journal of Pharmacy

Oct 18, 2015 ... This clinical study was done in thirty cases of Ekkushtha of more than one year
duration to evaluate the effect of Siddarthaka yoga as kwath, lepa & virechana
karma in Ekkushtha with special reference to psoriasis with an aim to provide an
effective management. For assessment, a special research ...
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5. Studies on physical/chemical compatibility between synthetic and

It's very essential to conduct such studies as a part of formulation development
process[4]. A number of multifactorial diseases like Acne, Psoriasis etc. needs
two or more drug combination for effective treatment[5,6] The definition of
combination products are clearly mentioned by Food and Drug Administration
under section ...
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