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1. Chapter 18 Group 18 elements

Occurrence, extraction, and uses. Physical Properties. Compounds of xenon.
Compounds of argon, krypton and radon. Page 2. 2 tris(β-hydroquinone) xenon
clathrate. Relative abundances. Uses of helium. Page 3. 3. Compounds of Xenon
. Xe forms colorless fluorides, XeF2, XeF4, XeF6. XeF2. [XeF3]+[AsF6]-. XeF4.
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2. the noble Gases - McQuarrie General Chemistry

The Group 18 elements—helium, neon, argon, krypton, xenon, and radon—are
called the noble gases and are noteworthy for their rela- tive lack of chemical
reactivity. Only xenon and krypton are known to enter into chemical compounds,
and even then only with the two most electronegative compounds, fluorine and ...
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